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Firewall (Wood)

1. Tested for Propagation of fire up to two hours by National Test House.
2. IS: 162:1950

Basic safety dictates that any wooden structure is designed with appropriate fire protection systems to help save lives and other damage due to fire. Wood is flammable and helps spread fire very fast. Firewall offers spread of fire up to two hours which is more than sufficient time to get help.

Additional Product Information:

Application viscosity: Thixotropic / Ready to Use
Mix Ratio: Not applicable
Typical Film Thickness: 130 to 170 microns dry (single coat)
Required film thickness depends on fire ratings
Theoretical Coverage: 9(m2/lt) at 130 microns DFT.
Method of Application: Airless Spray, Brush, Roller.
Drying Information: Ambient Temperature (25°C)
Touch Dry: 2 Hours
Hard Dry: 4-5 Hours(Recoating Interval: Min. 5 hours)
Viscosity: 90 - 110
Approx. Weights: 1.3 ± .3kg. per ltr.
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of packing
Fire Rating Average Dry Thickness (Firewall)
30 min 250 microns
60 min 350-450 microns;
120 min 550-700 microns

In continuously improving technology there has been a swing towards the use of thin film intumescent coatings to achieve same traditional results.

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