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Firewall Paint Additive

What is Firewall Additive:

A formulation in white powder fine powder form and imported from Germany, additive can be mixed with any paint to convert the normal paint into Flame Retardant Paint.

How to mix Additive to paint:

Ratio is 50:100 i.e. one liter of paint, half litre of additive powder and 100 ml thinner (terpentine oil). Once all ingredients put in one bucket, mix the same with help of electric drill attaching a long rod with ‘stirring’ hook / tip’ at the other end. Mix for at least couple of minutes till it reaches homogeneous consistency. Then strain (filter) the mixture through a cotton cloth. (Residue part of powder, if any left after filter, can again be used for next batch with same process). Filtered paint is ready to use on any surface or substrate except Steel.

1. Powder tends to settle down – stir before each pouring and intermittently during application.
2.Firewall Additive can be mixed to both water as well as oil based paints.

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