Shield Spill Repellent
Due to excessive dust, dirt and casual maintenance of furnishing fabrics in India, sofa / carpets / curtains / car seat covers (even suits and sarees) tend to become dirty very soon and lose their charm. Once a fabric has got a stain, there are only two options:
  1. Let it remain like that
  2. Get it changed or dry-cleaned (which may not bring the freshness back)
Now there is third option i.e. protect it with SHIELD Spill Repellent. It is a chemical specially formulated by one of the biggest companies in USA (M/s Fibre Shield Inc.) keeping in mind the climatic and living conditions in India. Once the fabric is treated, it becomes water and spill repellent, Dust and Dirt proof and fabric looks like new for years.

It is a ‘stain repellant’ and helps keep fabric clean for longer period (even after when liquid / Dirt / Sust starts getting absorbed in fabric as thread continues to be protected). Duration of effectiveness of fabric being stain proof, water proof, stain repellent etc. will depend upon the overall usage. Standard effectiveness expectancy is 30 to 36 months with normal use and care.

While Mags Novel also undertake to carry out ‘on site’ as well pre-delivery stain proof / stain repellent treatments, Spill repellent is available in liquid form as well as a 'spray can' for sale for those who want to do the treatment themselves.

Shield works as a protective layer on the fabric without effecting, in any way, the feel/breath/color etc., provides resistance from liquids, soil, stains and abrasion to all kinds of fabrics (natural and man made) thus making all kinds of fabric stain proof / water proof / stain resistant and spill repellent and therefore is an excellent value for money for those who value spotlessness.