Flame Retardant

Fire singly is greatest hazard that causes severe damage to life and property. Shield

Flame Retardant

is one of effective means to pro-actively avoid fire spreading through fabrics and textiles.

What is the need to flame retard a fabric: Fabrics catch fire quickly and in many places fire has started through furnishing fabrics specially curtains catching fire. Similarly for workers in fire prone factories with big furnaces etc.

fire retardant / flame retardant

/ Flame Proof clothes are a must….and so on.

Manufactured by M/s Fibre Shield Inc., USA, it’s results are classified as Class A fire rating and this two most difficult and widely accepted standards to achieve in flame retardancy in USA.

Flame Shield has been approved by the Government of the City of New York through the Bureau of Standard and Appeals under Colander Number 141-89-SM. ASTM –E-84: This is a complex test that Shield Flame Retardant treated fabric is geared to pass this test. NFPA-701: This is very similar to the requirements of the City of New York and is considered one of, if not the toughest fire codes in USA. Shield Flame Retardant treated fabric is geared to pass this test. 100% nylon also treated with Shield Flame Retardant will pass ASTM-E84

Shield Flame Retardant can be applied to wood and paper as well to achieve flame retardancy / fire proofing. The treated fabric decomposes under the influence of the flame forming a strong localized ‘char’ with no afterglow or no spread of flame outside the charred area. The Shield Flame Retardant treated fabric does not catch fire and once it does, the flame extinguishes within itself and ‘char length’ does not spread for more than 6”.

As would be seen for a safe living as well as a safe working place it is a must to flame retard / flame proof / fire proof all fabric, textiles, clothes etc. To get this protection through flame retardant / flame retardancy of the fabrics / textiles, Flameshield is the best option from Mags Novel. They have the technique to flame retard / flame proof any kind of fabric be it cotton or 100% polyester / nylon fabrics. Therefore please ensure that any items made of fabric / cloth in your office or home is flame retarded or flame proof treated by Mags Novel through flameshield.

If you want pre-treated flame retardant fabric or flame proof fabric or flame retardant textiles or flame proof textiles, please do get in touch with Mags Novel.